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From Maode Mao <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: How to add my Ant extension project into the 'Related Projects' list of ANT?]
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:15:13 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:

> James Mao wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Subject:
>> How to add my Ant extension project into the 'Related Projects' list 
>> of ANT?
>> From:
>> James Mao <>
>> Date:
>> Wed, 24 Aug 2005 14:37:01 +0800
>> To:
>> To:
>> Hi guys,
>> I just released my first Ant extension project 'DANT' - distributed 
>> ant  on
>> don't know how to add the project into the 'Related Projects' list of 
>> ANT.
>> Anyone can give me a hand?
> you check out the latest version of the related projects XML file from 
> CVS (next week: SVN), and submit a patch with your project added to 
> the file.
> Looking at the project, it is interesting. Can I express my worries 
> about opening up a port accepting incoming ant requests without 
> security. We (SmartFrog) use TLS-encrypted RMI for our node-node comms 
> for just such a reason, although it gets complicated fast.
> You may also be interested in the SOAP/WSRF deployment API that we are 
> standardising at the grid forum; it has always been written with ant 
> envisaged as a possible language option, and is designed to work over 
> long-haul connections, using WS-Security or HTTP digest auth for 
> security:
> -steve
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Hi Steve,

I realized that the SmartFrog looks similar as what is did.

The Dant is first used in IONA for the product performance testing.
The performance test is required to deploy the prouduct in a distributed 
network, automatically install and build the testcase.
After the kit is installed, then it'll start server on one host, and 
clients on other hosts.
If all the tests finished, then it'll generate a JUNIT-like reports.

I'm quite interesting on SmartFrog.
How's the SmartFrog initalized, what's the projects first purpose?
Do you guys get any support from other companies?

I'm based in Beijing, China.  Currently i host the project at my friends 
It's definitely not a good place, the network connection is not good.
How can i get support from Sourceforge? Are they allow me host my 
project on their servers?
How they charge such kind of project?

I ask too many question. ;-)

Thanks in advance!


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