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From Andrew>
Subject Re: Java Development with Ant
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 06:16:46 GMT
I work in a web agency, here are some of the more esoteric things I have done:

- strictly control access to deployment/live servers; only access to deploy 
is via a series of Ant tasks; limit files that can go live by the use of 
file filters
- promoting reference data from dev > staging databases
- rename thousands of files according to certain glob patterns
- auto-produce change logs (by invoking tools that analyse cvs), including 
this as part of a release
- extract a set of delta changes (between two cvs tags), zip up as a 
"patch", scp to remote host
- parse product catalogue files, convert into various XML formats, dispatch 
by FTP to affiliate partners, record success/fail in a database
- invoking test scripts (note use of try/catch type Ant tasks)

Some of the latter involved writing custom Ant tasks; this is well worth 
the investment, generally - particularly if you want to assure repeatable 
action (and hence quality) by members of a team.  With careful use to 
always use relative paths, a build.xml is totally portable between 
individual's installations.

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