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From "Andrew Liles">
Subject How to contrinbute new tasks
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:45:01 GMT
I would like to offer my time to contribute a couple of tasks to Ant.
Please could you direct to me some documentation on the process?

I have some requirements that are not met by Ant currently, I think, and
so I could either just code these for my own purposes, or go a bit further
and make the tasks ready for inclusion in the Ant project, including using
appropriate namespaces, etc.

Alternatively I could offer the tasks as an External Tool, this route
would affect namespace choice etc, but I would prefer the former.

My tasks are:
1. CvsExportDiff - extracts files altered betwen two tags/dates from CVS
ready for zip/etc as a patch set.  This is actually already coded, and was
submitted to the community here: as no action came
of this, I guess that either no-one felt this task useful or I submitted
this in the wrong way (and hence the purpose of this question email).

2. SqlSync - a task to replicate data (one-way) between two JDBC compliant
databases.  Deletes data in destination table(s) and inserts data from the
source.  (I could submit for extensive proposal)

Andrew Liles

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