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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: MKS Source Integrity Solution Task
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 21:45:37 GMT
Arturo Guedez wrote:
 > Hello everyone,
 > I am developing a new task for the SCM tool provided by MKS called
 > Source Integrity.
 > To run this task users must have a copy of the Source Integrity client,
 > and must copy the MKS Java API library to the ANT lib directory. I will
 > include all the details in the documents that will be submitted with the
 > task.
 > I was advised to ask the ANT community if they would welcome this new
 > Task. Before I submit this new task to the ANT community, I was
 > wondering if any of the committers would have any objections to this SCM
 > task.

First, i am sure that all Ant users of your product would be grateful 
for the task.

 > What process is followed to accept a new task? I need to find out what
 > we need to provide you in order to have this task accepted in the ANT
 > community. Will this task be tested by you? If it is, then one way or
 > another, the test environment will need a MKS Source Integrity client
 > and a server. Also, the MKS Java API cannot be accessed publicly online
 > - it is provided with the client and server.

 > I have a rigorous a JUnit test suite that I plan on submitting. But to
 > run that, well, you need the client and server.

Testing is one of the big problems with all the SCM tasks; only the CVS 
task gets any formal testing, the rest just get bug reports and patches 
fielded by end users, committed by people who often have no way of 
verifying that they work. This makes them very troublesome at times. 
Given how important keeping source safe is, nobody likes buggy SCM tasks.

For this reason, I think we would be very reluctant to add a new SCM 
task to the apache codebase. It would be much better if you were to 
release it (preferably under an OSS license) with your product, on your 
site, and perhaps even support it. Here are some advantages for this
-you can test it and be sure it works
-you can ship updated tasks in sync with updated versions of Souce 
-you dont have to wait for a new version of Ant to come out

What we can do is
(a) give you advice on this mail list on how to write tasks and tests
(b) put a pointer to your task in the third party tasks section of our docs

There is already one SCM products with tasks that arent in the apache 
codebase, Surround SCM, and when we release our own Subversion antlib 
this summer, it will be an external library, rather than built into the 
main distribution. We may want to restructure our docs to have an SCM 
tools section that lists all systems and points to their location, plus 
perhaps a table of common actions and the relevant tasks.


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