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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: How to pipe output to input?
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 11:43:14 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:

>> As with most bits of unix (i.e. symlinks), it is a shame that the Nt 
>> implementation isnt as seamless as the unix one. it means we can't 
>> easily work with it to provide a portable pipe mechanism that the OS 
>> handles. But if you can stick to unix,  pipes make a good IPC 
>> mechanism. And like I said, if you have a proper clustering OS, those 
>> pipes work across machines in the cluster.
> Would a minimal Java+JNI interface be a useful thing to have?  Would 
> anyone use it?  A portable library would be good for this kind of thing, 
> indeed a cross-platform mechanism for symlinks would be good too, or 
> wouldn't it?

well, it'd be nice if we could get/set unix file permissions; that is 
the most important thing to me, symlinks would be good too. There are no 
real symlinks in NTFS, though hard links are allowed in the same filesystem.

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