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From "Max Rydahl Andersen" <>
Subject ant tasks creation of classloaders
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 21:44:15 GMT
Hi guys,

Having some "fun" issues with classloading these days.

I have a task (HibernateTool) that is used like this:

     <taskdef name="hibernatetool"  
       <classpath path="[necessary hibernate libs]">

	<target name="exportddl" depends="compiletest" description="Export the  
DDL to caveatemptor.ddl and DB">
         <hibernatetool destdir="${build.dir}">
             <classpath path="etc;${build.dir}/classes"/>
             <hbm2ddl export="false" console="false" drop="false"  
create="true" outputfilename="caveatemptor.ddl" delimiter=";"/>

Notice that the classpath of the taskdef and hibernatetool have no  

Until today I had the following code in the HibernateToolTask for creating  
the classloader:

AntClassLoader loader = getProject().createClassLoader(classPath);

But when I run this stuff with the task above I get ClassNotFoundErrors  
for annotations defined in hibernate.

This occurs because with the above classloader setup I effectively goes  
around the <taskdef> classpath - it
will instead first look in the parent of the AntClassLoader I created and  
this will be the system classloader which
of course know nothing about the hibernate specific classloaders.

Know my current work around for this is to do:

AntClassLoader loader = getProject().createClassLoader(classPath);
loader.setParent(this.getClass().getClassLoader()); <-- this is the  
HibernateToolTask instance

This will setup the right classloading sequence.

But i'm just curious of why this does not seem to be the default way of  
doing things in the existing ant tasks ?

e.g. in LoadProperties is:
            ClassLoader cL = (classpath != null)
                 ? getProject().createClassLoader(classpath)
                 : LoadProperties.class.getClassLoader();

which for me says "ignore LoadProperties own classloader if i have a  

and most other places they *only* uses the core task loader which for me  
seems kinda strange (as it can give funny
sideeffects if not all classes used by the <taskdef> isn't loaded yet)

So, am I missing some crucial insight or is it just "random" how the  
current ant tasks setup their classloaders :) ?

Anyone which can think up any bad things with the classloader setup I did  
here ?


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