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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Updates to the Maven Artifact Ant tasks
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 03:49:54 GMT
On 6/8/05, Steve Loughran <> wrote:
> Is settings.xml documented anywhere?

> I just found last week where java1.5 puts its proxy settings, but a bit
> of it is "use the browser" which is inadequate. We really need a
> commons-proxy-setup library to do this for standalone apps in a
> consistent manner.

Sounds like a reasonable idea.

> Here in ant-land, we've done two things to make the stuff work better
> 1.

Are these the same points you added below?

> 1. build file tests; check handling of missing required items, etc, etc.
> ant-testutils is the jar for this.

Ok, that will be worth a look. I'm pretty flat out for the next ocuple
of weeks, then JavaOne, then holidays - so I'll revisit this next
month :)

Is this still going to give enough time to prepare for Ant 1.7?

> 2. I'd like to be able to create a mini-pom on the fly. I do this with
> echo today, and will move to echoproperties before long

I thought about this, actually. So declaring it inside the <pom> tag
instead of loading from a file? Should be pretty straightforward as
long as the setters are in place.

> 3. Absence of a .pom file should not constitute a failure, if the jar is
> there. When hand patching stuff into a local cache, I have to hand
> generate stub poms just to stop it breaking

Right... JIRA'd.

> 4., if it doesnt already, localRepository should take a File type and
> make an absolute URL of it:
>   <localRepository location="../files" />

Yep, that's what it does.

> 5. something to map from (artifact,groupid,version) to the path to a
> jar, to a pom, or the base dir. Here is my macro to get the dest
> directory, used when copying in local stuff.

I thought that was why dependencies had a fileset ID, so you didn't
need to worry about constructing paths, or knowing where the local
repository is if using external config?

Anyway, happy for this to go into JIRA. It can use the code already in
Maven to set the property and it would be flexible across layouts.

The proxy idea in a later email is also good, JIRA'd.

- Brett

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