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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: How to pipe output to input?
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 10:14:17 GMT

>> Well!  I am ashamed to say I had never encountered the
>> mkfifo command.  My only contact with "named pipes"
[snip interesting pipes discussion]

My only contact with named pipes was in the abomination that was 
WebSphere 3.5.1 (you had choices of Java, Corba or "Named Pipes" as a 
config option, forget what it was about, but pipes was the recommeded 
setting, even on Nt 4)

Doesn't Oracle also have something similar for it's network config?  I'm 
sure I've seen pipes listed as an option instead of TCP when configuring 
oracleNet, if they mean unix pipes that's fairly cool.

>> and everything works as expected on Unix.  This also
>> works on cygwin EXCEPT that the <delete> does not fail
>> in Ant yet still fails to delete the pipe.  But since
>> fifos would be implemented in god-only-knows-what-way
>> that is unsurprising.  Cool.

> As with most bits of unix (i.e. symlinks), it is a shame that the Nt 
> implementation isnt as seamless as the unix one. it means we can't 
> easily work with it to provide a portable pipe mechanism that the OS 
> handles. But if you can stick to unix,  pipes make a good IPC 
> mechanism. And like I said, if you have a proper clustering OS, those 
> pipes work across machines in the cluster.
Would a minimal Java+JNI interface be a useful thing to have?  Would 
anyone use it?  A portable library would be good for this kind of thing, 
indeed a cross-platform mechanism for symlinks would be good too, or 
wouldn't it?


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