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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code, Apache ANT project ideas?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 09:23:26 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Doug - I've added it as project ID ant-xdocs to that wiki page.  As  for 
> technologies - I'm not sure if Velocity and XDoclet are the best  
> technologies to use right now.  Let's solicit input from others here  on 
> their architecture ideas.

+1 to XDoclet; the only alternative would be Java1.5 annotations and we 
do not want to go there.
If it has one problem, its footprint is atrocious: You have to set the 
ANT_OPTS env variable up to get enough memory. Now, if Xdoclet forked...

0 to velocity.

One thing I do want is automated generation of task docs for third party 
projects. I actually use the existing sandbox to do this, but it isnt 
ideal...I have to <ant> into the sandbox, do some fixup before and 
after. That is painful, and only works when the Ant CVS tree is checked 

   <!-- this target does the extra xdocs initialisation -->
   <target name="init-xdocs" depends="init">
     <property name="build.antdocs.dir" location="${build.dir}/xdocs"/>
     <property name="gen.dir" location="${build.antdocs.dir}/gen"/>
     <property name="gen.dir" location="${build.antdocs.dir}/gen"/>
     <property name="" location="${build.antdocs.dir}/docs"/>
     <property name="build.xdocs.dir" 
     <property name="xdocs.dir" location="${env.ANT_HOME}/proposal/xdocs" />
     <property name="src.package" value="org/smartfrog/tools/ant/" />
     <path id="xdoclet.extra.classpath">
       <path refid="smartfrog.classpath"/>
       <pathelement location="${smartfrog.tasks.jar}"/>
     <property name="xdoclet.extra.classpath.asprop"

<!-- probe for xdocs, which is only in CVS, not redist packages -->
<target name="probe-xdocs" depends="init-xdocs" >
   <available property="xdocs.found" file="${xdocs.dir}/build.xml"/>

<target name="want-xdocs" depends="probe-xdocs">
   <fail unless="xdocs.found">
     We need the proposal/xdocs source tree from Ant in 

<target name="xdocs" depends="want-xdocs,package"
   description="Run xdoclet over the ant tasks to create doc pages"
     running xdocs with classpath=${xdoclet.extra.classpath.asprop}

   <ant inheritAll="${ant.inheritAll}" inheritRefs="${ant.inheritRefs}" 
     <property name="src.dir" location="${src.package}"/>
     <property name="src.root" location="src"/>
     <property name="xdoclet.extra.classpath"
     <property name="gen.dir" location="${gen.dir}"/>
     <property name="xdocs.dir" location="${build.xdocs.dir}"/>
     <property name="" location="${}"/>

<target name="dvsl" depends="xdocs"
   description="use velocity to generate the docs">
   <ant inheritAll="${ant.inheritAll}" inheritRefs="${ant.inheritRefs}" 
     <property name="src.dir" location="src/org/smartfrog/tools/ant/"/>
     <property name="build.dir" location="${build.antdocs.dir}"/>
     <property name="taskdocs.src" location="${gen.dir}"/>
     <property name="xdocs.dir" location="${build.xdocs.dir}"/>
     <property name="docs.dest" location="${}"/>

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