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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: How to pipe output to input?
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 15:05:17 GMT
--- Steve Loughran <> wrote:

> Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I've asked this question on the users list, but it
> seems nobody knows 
> > there:
> > Is it possible to create two java processes (with
> fork="true") and pipe 
> > the output of one process into the other?
> Not yet :)
> Ant1.6.2 added the notion of the ioredirector to
> exec and java, but no 
> direct coupling of apps. You'd have to write your
> own filter to route 
> the stuff...and ant equivalent of Unix named pipes

Yep.  To let my own proverbial (dead) cat out of the
bag, this was one of my original goals when I exposed
the redirector functionality.  After committing the
current functionality, I had added the additional
concept of an (input|output|error)ref attribute: 
inputref would specify a reference to an inputstream
from which input should be read; (output|error)ref
would specify a reference to an inputstream from which
another process could read, created using a
PipedOutputStream->PipedInputStream (actually an
oata.util.LeadPipeInputStream) set.  Concurrency
issues were solved by a ProxyInputStream class; while
locking at the Redirector class level (no new stream
references added), the Project would be probed for the
named InputStream.  If none were found, a
ProxyInputStream would be created that would continue
to search for the (literally) "named pipe".  This all
worked like a charm...

...on Unix (Solaris, I like to think it probably would
have worked on other Unix systems).  I could not for
all the world convince the stupid Windows JREs not to
deadlock on any but the simplest uses of this.  I have
since lost that bit of code, but could re-create if
any Threading gurus want to take a stab at it.


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