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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 27814] - javadoc task does not encode baskslashes when generating file list by useexternalfile
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 19:18:54 GMT
Martijn Kruithof wrote:
>> Since this is at least a quasi-bug (not ours but we can fix it)

Assuming that the javadoc command's behavior is in fact correct and it 
is just the JDK documentation which is incomplete or misleading (which 
is my guess), then it is really an Ant bug.

>> and
>> has been confirmed fixed in HEAD, do we want to merge for 1.6.5?
> Please no, it doesn't seem to be a total showstopper [...]

I guess +0 from me on merging it. Important only to some people, of 
course. Could wait for 1.7.

As I understand it, it affects people who set useexternalfile="true" 
when running <javadoc> on a source tree containing spaces in the name on 
Windows - the task breaks with a wacko error message.

The latter two conditions (Windows + spaces) probably represents the 
minority of users, but it means that e.g. NetBeans cannot safely set 
useexternalfile="true" in projects it creates, lest this bug be 
triggered - which in turn means that Javadoc generation will fail on big 
enough projects, because the command line for the classpath will get too 

On the other hand, the average Windows user who is writing his or her 
own script by hand can choose whether or not to use the attribute; they 
probably do not need to both handle a big classpath *and* keep sources 
in a path with spaces. (Unfortunately when #27814 manifests itself, it 
is far from obvious what you did wrong.)


--   x22801
if I had known it was harmless I would have killed it myself

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