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From briberyjoust <>
Subject [PATCH] for #35044, ccmcheckintask no more requires a file or fileset to be specified
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 16:06:49 GMT
Hi there,

here is the patch for bug #35044. The reason for that patch is:

Currently, the ccmcheckintask task requires a file or fileset to be 
specified. Otherwise it won't run and gives an error. But: that task is 
supposed to check in a given (might be the default) Continuus/CM 
Synergy task. And such a task already knows all the files to check in. 
Thus, no files need to be specified.

I hope, I followed all the rules to submit a patch. If not, I 
apologize. It is quite confusing (at least the first time).

Paul Schwann

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