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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: installation instructions for ant under jpackage
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 09:50:57 GMT
Steve Cohen wrote:
> There have been some comments on the mailing list to the 
> effect that our manual doesn't really have correct installation 
> instructions for that environment, although elsewhere on our site we do 
> link to them.
> I have rewritten the install manual page to add this content, but rather 
> than commit it and then draw comments, I decided to post it on my own 
> site temporarily for comment.  If there is none, I'll just commit it.

It's nice.

I'm thinking of adding fetch.xml to the end user distro, as it can then 
pick up many of the optional extra jar files (the OSS ones). It needs 
tweaking to autoretrieve the maven task to do the downloads, which leads 
to a problem: the version of that task when ant1.7 ships will be less 
than the latest version by the end of the lifetime of the tool. Either 
we do hard code a version# into a shipped property file, or we provide 
some way of getting the latest version (property url off the ant  site 
to get the list of latest JARS for that version, perhaps)

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