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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [patch] - adding support for new features in commons-net 1.4.0 and performance improvement
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 10:52:24 GMT
Neeme Praks wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> I worry about releasing any change to code without giving it time to 
>> stabilise and beta test. Last minute "this won't break anything" 
>> patches always break something. Always. At least in my experience.
>> If commons1.4.0 is incompatible with shipping <ftp> then yes, we have 
>> no choice but to upgrade. But if it is a feature enhancement, then it 
>> needs
>> to go into CVS_HEAD
> Very legitimate concern.
> However, this is a trivial change.

so are all changes that end up breaking things.

Ant1.6.4 is really Ant1.6.3a; a late fix for stuff that wasnt caught in 
  the beta test. I am really, really, reluctant to do anything that 
could break stuff. If ant1,6.4 ends up broken, we have to release an 
Ant1.6.5 two weeks later, there is more pressure for last minute 
changes, we introduce new bugs, never stabilise, get a bad reputation 
for release management, etc, etc.

If you look at the commit log, you can see that I tend to avoid 
committing my own changes to the 1.6.x branch either, because I like to 
work with things myself for a bit. Once something is in the public API 
of Ant, we cant remove it. So we need to get it right, And that means 
being strict about last minue commitments. Indeed, there are three 
things I committed that I think might want to go into the 1.6 branch, 
but but I'm not going to do it

  -java1.5 class passthrough changes to JavaEnvUtils
  -java1.5 settings of default rmi compiler options
  -that switch to WeakHashMap.

Why am I not committing them? Because nobody is complaining about them, 
even though they are clearly bugs with trivial fixes.


(NB, I'm not the release manager, but note that I'm fairly relaxed about 
changes compared to someone I've worked with. Ruthlessness is a 
wonderful thing when it is time to get something out the door)

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