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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Commons-Net 1.4.0 Released]
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 00:33:38 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
>>> From: Steve Cohen [] 
>>> Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
>>>> Why not move the task or its new version into jakerta-commons and 
>>>> provide us with a ready to go feature full antlib. That 
>>> would allow us
>>>> to start decoupling
>>>> things from the main ANT release.
>>>> Jose Alberto
>>> I have not been as active in Ant circles as in the past.  Is 
>>> decoupling now a strategic priority for Ant?  Can you please provide 
>>> me with more details, examples?  I'd be happy to use that approach if 
>>> that's the direction the community is taking.  I think it's a good idea.
>> My point here is that Ant's <ftp/> will not be re-release until the next
>> release of Ant, God knows when. If you want the new features to be
>> available sooner
>> it may be a better idea the have the new task as part of jakarta-commons
>> or some
>> pluggable jar that can be released faster.
>> We are all under Apache so borrowing from the current code should be no
>> issue (am I wrong?).
>> We can then point people to the new <ftp> task provided by commons.
>> We may talk about cross-distribution later as we are all under apache,
>> but maybe a
>> link in our documentation to yours will be good enough. As to how define
>> the antlib
>> is almost trivial :-)
>> Thoughts?
> There is actually one big weakness of independent releases, and that is 
> you have to support older versions of Ant. I have to make sure the 
> smartfrog tasks and build files work with ant1.6.x, and get deprecated 
> warnings related to FileUtils when I build on 1.7, because they may be 
> deprecated there but there is no alternative to their use in the 1.6 
> codebase.
> Moving stuff out of the main branch simplifes some things, but adds others.
Yes.  I think you're right.  As it stands now, Ant, or at least this 
optional ftp task of ant, depends on commons-net.  The suggestion that 
the ant task be moved to commons-net, is, in my opinion a non-starter 
because it would make commons-net depend on ant and I don't want to go 
down that circular path.

I admit I know next to nothing about antlib, and in fact it was nothing 
until I googled it just now.  If the code for such an <ftp> task were 
made to reside in such a structure (rather than in commons-net itself) 
there would be no circularity.

However, unless there is a general move to decouple ant, which I would 
support on general principles, I think these changes belong on the main 
stem of ant going forward.  There has been more than one request/bug 
report concerning these features, and these requests should be granted 
now that there is finally a means of doing so.  For the time being, 
Neeme Praks' contributions or something like them fill the gap until the 
next release.  These are not "subsidiary" features of commons-net and 
they should not be "subsidiary" features of the ant <ftp> task.

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