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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Drop 1.2/1.3 support in Ant 1.7 (or sometime)?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 20:23:58 GMT
On Wed, 06 Apr 2005, Jesse Glick <> wrote:

> Has anyone given thought to when we drop support for running Ant on
> JDK 1.2/1.3? These releases are pretty old by now and AFAIK all
> major platforms have had a decent 1.4 port for a while.

We still have a customer who rejects to go beyond 1.3 right now.  I'm
talking about a webcenter with tons of legacy Java apps (unfortunately
none written by us).  The risk that one of them breaks is simply too

I still use JDK 1.3 on my Linux box as my day-to-day JDK.

These are just datapoints.  I'd have to support JDK 1.2 and this is
certainly easier to do if your compiler is a JDK 1.2 one, which is
easiest to do if Ant runs on JDK 1.2.  But I can achieve the same with
1.2 support in Ant as well.

All in all I'm -0.5 on dropping JDK 1.2 for Ant 1.7 and -0.75 on
dropping JDK 1.3 for Ant 1.7.

> But note that you can't even run the last JDK 1.2 maintenance
> release on a recent Linux distribution, unless you use an obscure
> LD_PRELOAD hack (*).

I don't run a /recent/ Linux distro either ;-)

There could be a reason to not drop JDK 1.3 support before FreeBSD has
a decent JDK 1.4 (Apache's infrastructure has some bias towards


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