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From "Phil Weighill-Smith" <>
Subject RE: ResourceCollections
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 14:40:21 GMT
I believe that using an undeclared prefix doesn't make the XML not well-formed it makes the
XML "invalid" (i.e. a validating parser will barf) [1]. I think "well formed" simply means
all the right syntax (element and attribute declarations are correct, and are all correctly
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From: Dominique Devienne [] 
Sent: Fri 01/04/2005 20:11 
To: Ant Developers List 
Subject: RE: ResourceCollections

	> From: Peter Reilly []
	> Matt Benson wrote:
	> >I also like the idea of using antlibs, but do we then
	> >indicate that the user must explicitly set up the
	> >namespace prefixes or do we assign them automagically?
	> > If the former, will anybody use them?  If the latter,
	> >what prefixes to use?
	> >
	> The user must explicitly set them up.
	Right. NS prefixes are irrelevant really.
	The user picks whatever she likes.
	And you can't automagically assign them.
	Using an undeclared NS prefix makes the XML
	document not well-formed, AFAIK. --DD
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