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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: maven dependence tasks for ant
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:30:01 GMT
I thought I'd pipe up and make some clarifications here...

> /me think it is a reaction over the Ivy release...

Sorry, but no. We had similar tasks probably a year and a half ago,
but they got stale so they were removed until we got closer to a real
maven2 release. We got a bit preoccupied so they've been done after
that release. It's probably not the only parts of Maven that we will
release Ant tasks for.

As Steve pointed out, we've also been discussing some of this stuff at, and I'd be interested in anything we can do to
make it compatible with the libraries work for Ant 1.7.


Following that, the Ivy developers worked with us on the Maven dev
list for a while. This was of benefit to them, in that we have >8600
artifacts, and they have ~40 and a lot of work to do :) My motivation
is obviously to get the combined efforts in building metadata up put
into one place. While I disagree, Xavier doesn't think that the Maven
metadata is sufficient for their needs, so it's fine for them to do
their own thing. I'm sure people will use both quite happily.

> NB:

Yeah, I'm surprised this is getting so much attention - its just a
regular Maven rant which is quite common. In summary his problem was
that his tests leaked memory and Maven only has fork every time
(slow), or don't fork (chews memory, and can give LinkageErrors with
XML parsers, as explained in the Maven FAQ).

I guess it should motivate me to release Maven 1.1 which finally
includes Ant 1.6 and set forkmode=once as the default and be done with
it... :)


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