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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: ResourceCollections
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 09:55:36 GMT
I meant to reply earlier...

I do not like "ant:mappers", etc
This does not use the method "antlib:<package name>" that antlibs are meant
to be identified by. If "ant:<whatever core wants>" is used to identify 
ant's antlibs', then
there is ample reason for thirdparty antlibs authors to ask for "easy to 
use" XML uri identifications
for their antlibs.

I like using antlibs for thirdparty drop-in jars - antcontrib, groovy, 
jware_antx, site specific types
and tasks.

For core ant types, I do not think it is a good idea - the namespace 
syntax will "get in the way".

For about a year now, new mappers, conditions, selectors and filters 
have been added by
making them typedefs.

We should be able to make all the current conditions, selectors and 
filters be typedefs.

There are only a few name over-laps:
   and, or, not  (selectors and conditions)

Of course this will change with the selectors for the new resource 
collectoioons,  - but it may be possible to
be clever.

It is quite easy to write a type that is a container for selectors and 
conditions (attached) that
will act as a container for selectors or for conditions.

And condition
And selector
Available condition
Checksum condition
ClassConstants filter
Contains condition
ContainsRegex filter
ContainsRegexp selector
Contains selector
Custom selector
Date selector
DeleteCharacters filter
Depend selector
Depth selector
Different selector
Equals condition
EscapeUnicode filter
ExpandProperties filter
Filename selector
FilesMatch condition
FilterReader filter
HeadFilter filter
Http condition
IgnoreBlank filter
IsFalse condition
IsReference condition
IsSet condition
IsTrue condition
LineContains filter
LineContainsRegExp filter
Majority selector
Modified selector
None selector
Not condition
Not selector
Or condition
Or selector
Os condition
PrefixLines filter
Present selector
ReplaceRegex filter
ReplaceString filter
ReplaceTokens filter
Selector selector
Size selector
Socket condition
StripJavaComments filter
StripLineBreaks filter
StripLineComments filter
TabsToSpaces filter
TailFilter filter
TokenFilter filter
Trim filter
TypeFound condition
Type selector
Uptodate condition


Matt Benson wrote:

>--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
>>IIRC we've reserved "ant" as "protocol" as well as
>>"antlib", even
>>though I can't find any reference to that in out
>>manual.  Using that
>>we certainly could shorten things:
>I'd like to hear Peter's thoughts on this since AFAICT
>he added the restriction against ant: uris in
>AntlibDefinition.  With that restriction lifted, I
>have working a system whereby "ant:foo" loads resource
>org/apache/tools/ant/foo.xml as an Antlib.
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