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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: [Ant Wiki] Updated: Ant17/Planning
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 18:11:43 GMT
> From: Dominique Devienne []
> > + * rename junit.jar to junit-3.8.1 in SCM, for <libraries>
> integration.
> > As this is only in lib/optional, effects should be minimal (i.e.
> rename
> > wont be visible to end users) [done].
> Well, it won't be fully transparent to those of us that check in the
> distro under SCM control, but we'll manage.
> It also won't be transparent to the many developers which use the
> IntelliJ Ant integration of their IDEs, for example, because prior de
> IntelliJ 4.5 (and we haven't all updagred), you had to manually define
> the ClassPath to use for the integrated Ant build, by adding all Jars
> from ant/lib. So renaming a Jar will break these users config too.
> I'm just re-iterating this fact, to refrain from too much renaming
> distro to distro, when not strictly necessary. Thanks, --DD

Silly me, I forgot that the junit.jar I have in ant/lib is my own and
not part of Ant's distro, and that the above renaming is for Ant's own
CVS module. Sorry for the noise. --DD

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