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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject new Task - CheckLink
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:56:28 GMT
Whilst I was hacking away at the docs a couple of weeks ago, I noticed 
that a most time-consuming thing was checking all the urls embedded in them.

Since I had a couple of hours free today, I decided to knock up a little 
task to do it for me.
Use Case:
- check links in text source to ensure that they respond with a HTTP 200
- source can by anything (including source code)
- links must be valid xhtml or docbook links ie
 <a href="link"></a>
 <ulink url="link"/>
 <ulink url="link"></ulink>
- all links must be in "" quotes
- all links must be on one line (not great I know)

I know about Anteater, but that looked way over the top for what seemed 
a pretty small task (and Not Invented Here I have to admit).

I've used it to track down some broken links in antnews.html (and I'm 
sure I'll find a few others).  I'm not using it as a test tool, rather 
as part of a doc generation/validation task.

Anyway, patch attached for your amusement.


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