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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject extra diagnosis
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:36:52 GMT

oh, the coding of the diagnosis made me think of some  other things

1. have tasks provide their own diags.
Imagine a static method with each class that provides some text (like 
URL for jars). Would this be accessible even if we couldnt instantiate 
an instance with a NoClassDefFoundException? I think it depends on 
whether there are static elements that need to have the external libs 

2. We bail out if a class has an empty ctor and it throws an exception 
when we try and instantiate it (including IllegalAccessException. ). So 
you could not have a task

class Foo extends Task {

private Foo() { }

public Foo(Project p) { }


because we'd bail out on the private constructor. Is this the right 
behaviour? Should we try for a ctor(Project) first, then ctor() 
signature second?

3. do we want this extra diagnosis in 'ant -diagnosis'? OR something like

ant -diagnosis taskname
to trigger a task analysis (and nothing else)

i like that latter; good for command line troubleshooting.


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