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From Zach Garner <>
Subject [patch] Improvements to the RPM Optional Task
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:19:46 GMT
I've attached a patch that fixes two problems in the RPM Task:

- Provide a way to halt the build if the RPM build command exists with
an error status. Currently users must save the output to a file, and
grep the output for error messages if they want to automatically halt
the build when the RPM build command fails.

To fix this, I've added a haltonerror option which defaults to false to
preserve the current behavior. This simply checks the exist status of
the Execute process.

- Provide a way to quiet the RPM build process. Currently when building,
all messages to stdout and stderr are logged to MSG_INFO and MSG_WARN
respectively. It's not uncommon for there to be a thousand lines of
output. Unfortunately the RPM build tool prints a lot of relatively
useless information to stderr. 

To fix this, I've added a showoutput option which defaults to true to
preserve the current behavior. When set to false, I log the all of the
output to MSG_DEBUG. A message "[rpm] Building the RPM based on the
foo.spec file" is still logged to MSG_INFO.

Zach Garner

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