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From James Fuller <>
Subject a few questions (sorry quite long)
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 16:57:05 GMT
btw I have a few general developer questions... before I start caning 
bugzilla I think any responses would be well appreciated;

a few comments on usage of XDoclet to autodoc manual

as someone who is a complete fan of XDoclet and avid user in enterprise 
java computing...I am surprised at myself at having reservations with 
its usage in task definitions having a single source from which 
documentation is generated is a 'good thing'...esp in defining task, its 
attributes, as well as general documentation, but how to deal with other 
potential documentation requirements, e.g. if we wanted to we could also 
embed build scripts, example input/output, and schema definitions as 
well...perhaps there is some traction to be gained by having a simple 
task markup language
without thinking....

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<task name="echo" xmlns:x="">
    <attribute name="message" required="true|false" default="">
        <desc>the message to echo.</desc>
        <required>Yes, unless data is included in a character section 
within this
    <attribute name="file" required="true|false" default="">the file to 
write the message to.</attribute>
    <attribute name="append" required="true|false" 
default="false">Append to an existing file?</attribute>
    <attribute name="level" required="true|false" 
        default="warning">Control the level at which this message is 
reported. One of "error",
        "warning", "info", "verbose", "debug" </attribute>
    <block name="description">
        <x:p>Echoes a message to the current loggers and listeners which 
means System.out unless
            overridden. A level can be specified, which controls at what 
logging level the message
            is filtered at.</x:p>
        <x:p>The task can also echo to a file, in which case the option 
to append rather than
            overwrite the file is available, and the level option is 
        <!-- could place example build scripts, along with 
inputs/outputs/expected -->
        <!-- if we were smart we would have this in a <getlibraries/> 
friendly format -->
<schema type="relaxng|dtd|xmlschema" href=""/>

we could use xinclude if we wanted to break things up....also we could 
assume that code takes precedent either overwriting, or where no source 
comments exist taken from this document for ant manual definition 
purposes...I really think given task writers the ability to combine the 
power XDoclet and and external task markup format.

Also this format could be impregnated with dublincore for versioning; in 
addition we could choose xhtml as an additional any event 
the more meta data the better.

a few general comments

- getlibraries has no task definition that I can see....correct me if I 
am wrong

- exec task has floating html tag in manual

- does scriptdef have namespace capability

- i think its important to make sure developers for for 
DispatchTask...its seems to be buried

- note: there is no 2005 copyright in ant manual/docs

- is there a list of @ant.task category types anywhere ?

- is abstractaccess optional task @ant.task category the right way to 
use this doc tag? also any list of ant.task category anywhere ?

- couldnt find any logging/listener tests under testcases ?

- the status and intended purpose ?

- any update on webdav task

some very boring and picky refactoring related thoughts

I see a lot of Ant refactoring opportunities with respect to package doubt the twin poles of maintaining backwards compatibility 
with cutting edge functionality has caused a bit of chaos in the source 

There are a few methods of mapping old package names (satisfy 
deprecated, older calls) to better logical structures...any thoughts re 
this ?

if so....then a few suggestions on moving things around;

Why not move things like
-org/apache/tools/launch/Locator to

Why not move
-org/apache/tools/NoBannerLogger, SubBuildListener, XMLLogger to

Why  not move ?
excuse my ignorance here (well if u never ask questions...)....are these 
are packages used by other apache projects

Also in testcases things are a bit messy...for example why not put dummy 

along these lines, I find burying property files can sometimes be 
detrimental, for example in main source we have;
is heritical to move these to somewhere more visible ?

-also quite a bit of property files scattered about testcases...might be 
useful to agree on some formalism here

perhaps we could prune

- why are these tests at toplevel ?

- dont understand why dispatch has its own directory ?

many thx, and many apologies for my naive questions.....I know that (esp 
refactorings) there will be backward compatibility issues dominating the 
reasons why things exist.

regards, Jim Fuller

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