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Subject [Ant Wiki] New: Ant17/Planning
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:26:06 GMT
   Date: 2005-02-28T07:25:53
   Editor: SteveLoughran
   Wiki: Ant Wiki
   Page: Ant17/Planning

   start of planning for ant1.7

New Page:

= Ant 1.7 Planning Section =

== Milestones ==

 * Beta1
 * Beta2
 * RC1
 * Release

=== Projects we depend on and their forthcoming releases ===

 * Xerces. We redist this, so should get a late release.
 * Xalan
 * JUnit (stable)
 * Java

=== Projects that depend upon us, and their cutoff dates ===

 * Eclipse 3.1 in June, would need Ant1.7 Monday May 9th, 2005
 * NetBeans
 * IntelliJ IDEA  (5.0 expected in the summer)
 * JEdit (less tightly coupled)

= Features =

== ''Must Have'' Features ==

These are the features that hold the build; fallbacks to be listed. To add something here
you must be prepared to implement it, or know someone who is. Everything needs a name.

 * SVN support by exec [stefan]
 * Security on <libraries>, document task. [stevel]
 * Local variables in macrodef
 * Fix for key IDE bugs (see eclipse, netbeans bugzillas) [all]
 * flatten in libraries to WAR/EAR somehow (related to <libraries>) [stevel?]
 * <classloader> to allow adding of jars to the current classloader (would solve a ''lot''
of problems at the cost of some issues)

== ''Want'' Features ==

Less critical, but still nice. Adding here is also a statement of intent.

 * Java1.5 environment fetching. Ideally as part of a rework of Execute.getProcessEnv()
 * Doc improvements.
 * <propertyfile> in java tasks for loading properties straight from a file.
 * reduce number of outstanding bugzilla ''bugs'' by fixing them.
 * reduce number of outstanding bugzilla ''enhancements'' by implementing some, or closing
them off.
 * include fetch.xml in redist package
 * improve diagnostics when something like <junit> wont instantiate. i.e. distinguish
"class not found" from "class not loadable" and explain why the difference. Maybe allow for
per-task diagnostics text through a static member function, or extra markup in the taskdef.

== ''Like'' Features ==

Less important stuff.

 * <libraries>: multi repository support a la maven.
 * security hardening. "locking down...or giving the opportunity to lock down; e.g. secure
class loading, working with digital certs, etc..." Rated as 'like' because of the difficulty.
 * Look at all SCM tasks and pull in pending patches for new features. Find people to test
 * rename junit.jar to junit-3.8.1 in SCM, for <libraries> integration. As this is only
in lib/optional, effects should be minimal (i.e. rename wont be visible to end users).


Definitely not in this release. Pull stuff down here when scrubbed from the previous lists.

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