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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject Re: Need a target meta data for parallel executor.
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 18:40:23 GMT
So, would do you propose? Is it something like:

  <property name="" 

The target mutual exclusion seems static and nobody should be changing 
it from an outside (only build script developer should know about them). 
On the other hand adding even more ANT constructs for every small detail 
seems an overkill. If we add a meta-info facility, it should cover this 
and any other future uses. And the meta-info will be also ignored by 
code that does not understand it (for example old ANT will be still able 
to run build files prepared for parallel execution).

- Alexey.

Matt Benson wrote:

>Alexey:  Since the Executor classname itself is
>specified as an option, rather than in a buildfile, my
>opinion would be that specifications that interact
>with an Executor should be externally configurable. 
>At the same time it would be nice to maintain Target
>exclusivity information with the targets themselves. 
>My first instinct would be to use project-level
>properties.  You should want to execute the default ""
>target first in any event, I would think, so at that
>point project-level properties would be available, yet
>can still be overridden externally.  I would expect
>these properties to be of a dynamic nature, but you
>should be able to use PropertySets to help you with
>--- "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
>>  I am experimenting with parallel executor.  One of
>>the things required 
>>for it is to be able to prevent some targets (mostly
>>test targets) to be 
>>executed simultaneously. It is possible to add
>>something like 
>>"mutex-names" attribute to Target, but if we do
>>that, there seems no end 
>>of adding many more attributes that make sense only
>>in some specific 
>>situations. Instead of that we could use XML
>>processing instruction 
>>"<?META mutexes="test"?> or <?MUTEX
>>names="xxx,yyy"?> (this is more 
>>readable, but more complex too - most likely it will
>>require two level 
>>Map of meta attributes) and keeps them in an
>>identity hash map within 
>>project. Theoretically any object should be able to
>>have a meta 
>>information attached, so during real task creation
>>the hash map should 
>>be updated with real reference. What do you think?
>>- Alexey.
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/ Alexey N. Solofnenko
MDL Information Systems, Inc.
work: 510-357-2222x1726

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