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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject Re: Out of memory errors since recent changes.
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 01:20:23 GMT
Implementation seems strange. Usually thread local objects are used as 

private static ThreadLocal threadLocalProperties=new 
InheritableThreadLocal(); // notice "static" there

public static ThreadLocalProperties getLocalProperties() { // static too
  if (properties==null) threadLocalProperties.set(properties=new 
  return properties;

Are you sure the current implementation works?

- Alexey.

Matt Benson wrote:

>You said they are created via the ITL get()?  So does
>it look like there are lots of Threads but when they
>did their ITLs instances aren't getting cleaned up? Or
>does it rather look like we are creating more
>LocalPropertyStacks than necessary?
>--- Martijn Kruithof <> wrote:
>>I can see from traces I added to the code that
>>thousands of 
>>are created via the |InheritableThreadLocal|,

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