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From "Jack J. Woehr" <>
Subject Re: local properties
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:39:41 GMT
Peter Reilly wrote:
> Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> >We left it nowhere.
> >
> >
> Is true.
> >
> >I still think my simple <let/> addition to <macrodef/> will solve 90%
of the use cases
> >with very low impact across the code. But as anything, people will have to understand
> >when to use it properly and so on.
> >
> >The patch is there in bugzilla, but I will not apply it unless there is some support
for it
> >(I have not have the need for local properties myself, so it is not a problem for
> >
> >As per other approaches to local properties, unless we go and define a real semantic
> >for them (like any other well design programming language out there) I see they creating
> >more problems than solutions, in particular in our BC constrained world.
> >
> >
> I do not think that the problems are too bad (but I would say that!).
> I would like to have the thread-local property implementation, however
> there was a lot of discussions about syntax.
> As the main use case for local properties is <macrodef> we
> could just implement them for macrodefs, and if necessary
> extend them later to be the free style properties.
> So the syntax would be:
> <macrodef name="show_length">
>   <attribute name="filename">
>   <local-property name="local-prop"/>
>   <sequential>
>      <length file="@{filename}" property="${local-prop}"/>
>      <echo>The length of file '@{filename}' is ${local-prop}</echo>
>   </sequential>
> </macrodef>
> We could implement this as a trial in ant cvs and pull it if there are
> too many issues.
> Peter
> >
> >Jose Alberto

> >Does anyone recall where we left off on this
> >discussion?    I think we need these, what do we need
> >to resolve to get them in?

And recursive property expansion! @{@{Recursive}.@{property}.expansion}!

I believe an implementation of this still languishes as a code example
in a bug I filed ...

Jack J. Woehr                 # The year 2005 marks the
PO Box 51, Golden, CO 80402   # thirtieth anniversary of my      # entry into anti-WOSD activism.

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