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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Purpose of FileUtils.close(...)
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:01:49 GMT
I have lost the original thread, but anyway, those who
participated in the discussion should remember it.  In
talking about whether caught Exceptions should at
least be logged, Jesse mentioned "disk full" as an
example.  We actually have a bugrep (32676) about full
directories, and I found a blog today on which a
German fellow has posted a workaround to detect this
condition when writing with a FOS, using the sync()
method of the descriptor available from the stream. 
We could insert this in our own FOS deriving from; we could write our own FileWriter to use
an instance of (hypothetically) oata.util.FOS and
force the Exception on full disk.  But it won't help
anything unless we log Exceptions from
FileUtils.close(*)... So I am for at least writing to
System.err .

Another thought:  We could create an AntThread class
to tie a Thread to a Project.  Most places that
currently use Thread constructors would use the same
AntThread constructor.  The top-level AntThread could
be constructed with an explicit Project; others could
inherit the Project from the AntThread along whose
path of execution the child AntThreads were created. 
Have I missed something earth-shattering, or does this
sound like something that could help us with our
logging on classes, such as those in the util package,
that do not extend ProjectComponent?


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