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From "Tony Thompson" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6.2
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 11:03:08 GMT
Can anyone provide some help here?

>>> 11/30/04 05:08PM >>>
Here is a number of messages that I posted on the Ant users list. 
Someone suggested that I post them over here.  Can anyone help me with



Actually, I want to retract my previous message.  Even when I don't
debug on, if all of the extra "ant-*.jar" files are not in my
everything still runs slow.

Any idea what I can do?  I don't need all of those extra JAR files and
I don't want to distribute them either.


>>> Tony Thompson 11/23/04 12:02PM >>>
I am running Ant embedded and I have lots of typedefs (~675) in my
script.  My build listener was displaying debug messages which was
causing the slow down.  I am guessing something changed in
AntTypeDefinition.getTypeClass() between 1.5 and 1.6.

When my script executes, I get a whole batch of those error messages
for each typedef in my script (I am estimating about 20 * 675).  The
typedef I am using is a custom typdef.  I am not sure about the Ant
internals but it seems like Ant is not behaving very nicely in this
scenario.  Why is getTypeClass() called for all of those other classes
when it should know the class required for my type?  Plus, it does it
every typedef.  Is there anything I can change in my script to make


>>> Tony Thompson 11/22/04 01:25PM >>>
I am trying to upgrade to 1.6.2 and I am having issues with it running
very slow.  When it finally starts, I get a bunch of error messages
about missing classes:

Could not load class
( for type
Could not load class
( for type
Could not load class
( for type image

Is there a way to disable all of the optional stuff?  I don't need any
of it and it seems to be the thing slowing everything down.


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