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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: ant/src/etc/testcases/taskdefs checksum.xml
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 18:31:24 GMT
Isn't the alternative simply to check in the expected files are binary to avoid line ending
conversions at all? Just thinking out loud. --DD


From: Matt Benson []
Sent: Wed 12/8/2004 11:36 AM
To: Ant Developers List
Subject: Re: cvs commit: ant/src/etc/testcases/taskdefs checksum.xml

Hey, good point, I follow you... if the cvs client
auto-converts the "expected" files, then they won't
match the <fixcrlf>'d files.  Hmm... maybe we should
just change the unit test to read the files (using
<loadfile> with a <striplinebreaks> filter) into
properties and compare those rather than using
FileUtils.contentEquals(...)?  Any other ideas?


--- Peter Reilly <> wrote:

> Actually, I have had a quick look at the changes you
> made.
> I do not believe that they will work on windows with
> a dos style cvs client.

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