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From Michael Augustin <>
Subject [Fwd: ANT]
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 00:19:21 GMT
Hi all,

in a project we use ant as a workflow-engine. The difference to the 
normal use as a buildtool is, that target (workflows) are executed as 
often as the user requests and the ant-application runs over long time. 
That makes it necessarry that ant-variables (properties) are evaluated 
mroe than just on time.

So each time a target is executed I call reconfigure previously for each 
task/runtimeconfigurable-object. The change in the attachted files 
delegate the reconfigure-call also to the children-xml-elements (also 

Now the bad news: If you have child-elements in your ant-tasks, that are 
no tasks (means: your task is not an task-container, but you use 
child-elements and implements methods like addConfiguredChild(Child c) ) 
. The addConfiguredChild or wathever method you implemented for your 
child-element is called as often as reconfigure is called on the task in 
a target. So you have to pay attention on clearing the list of your 
child-object after perform was called. For myself I implemented a method 
clearForReconfigure that is called for each of my tasks.

So I would like to get a feedback for this change (see attached diff) 
and the idea to use ant as workflowengine.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Augustin

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