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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: [Patch] style of UpToDate
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 15:54:10 GMT
Kevin Jackson wrote:

> Peter Reilly wrote:
>> Kevin Jackson wrote:
>>> Just removed the C++ style private variables
>> cool, but...
>>  1) why place a "final" in the arguments
>>  2) you should only use the "this." in the setter
> 1) I was reading hardcore java -*hardcore*jv/
> The arguments made in favour of declaring variables to methods as 
> final far outweighed (in my mind), the hassle of typing a few extra 
> characters.  The chapter on final being used in this (and a variety of 
> other manners) is available as a pdf and I thoroughly recommend 
> reading it, just to see what you think, but I couldn't disagree with 
> his reasoning.

declaring method parameters as final may reduce a number of silly bugs, 
however I cannot think of any
bugs in the ant code that has been caused by setting method parameters. 
It is not normal java style to use
final method parameters and it
is not normal ant coding style (although some of Magesh's code does do 

> 2) yeah, sorry, I got carried away I think - in other methods there 
> should be no need to use this - doh!
> The main reason I did this was that I've been trying to contribute for 
> the last few days and I haven't found anything that I felt I had the 
> time to start on and this looked like a quick contribution,

An ongoing project is making the ant source code pass a checkstyle 
audit. There is check.xml at the top level in the ant source code.
The top offending files are the moment are:



> Kev
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