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Subject [Ant Wiki] Updated: AntNewbies
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 19:45:13 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-09T11:45:13
   Editor: BernardBernstein <>
   Wiki: Ant Wiki
   Page: AntNewbies

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Change Log:

@@ -222,3 +222,19 @@
 I know the documentation says you can't count on the FileSets task sorting your files.  But
this is exactly why I'm looking to something like Ant to handle my code compiles; I need them
 Has anyone come up with a workaround so that the files can be sorted alphabetically by name?
 Any plans for future Ant enhancements to support this?
+ ```Question#7``` How to have new .java files override existing .class files?
+This seems like it should just work, but it doesn't quite. When I have a tree of packages
which are already compiled, then I have my updated versions of .java files which will override
the existing .class files, there are cases where some of the sources will depend on other
+The problem is that if I'm compiling a .java file that depends on another .java file, but
the .class file already exists for that other dependent file, then the .java file that is
getting compiled might fail because a new method might have been added to the other .java
file, but doesn't exist in the .class file.
+In this case the order of compiling matters.
+One simple solution would be to somehow delete all .class files that match .java files. Then
javac will need to compile the .java version since it won't be able to find the methods otherwise.
+Another solution would be to do more thorough dependency checking in javac where it would
see that a .java file exists for a class and it will compile that file before using an existing
.class file.
+Any suggestions on how to do this with ant?

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