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From "Phil Weighill-Smith" <>
Subject Conditional (Target) Execution
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 15:50:47 GMT
A while back there was a discussion about having a syntax for use in the if and unless attributes
of targets. It has occurred to me that perhaps we just need a task akin to "sequential" that
can have a condition data type as its first "child". This condition would determine whether
the further content of the task would be "executed".

This might look like:

<target name="something">



            <isset property=""/>


        <copy .../>




This example would be equivalent to using the if attribute, but the full power of condition
could be applied.

In addition, this would allow any sub-part of a target (including the default target) to be
made conditional without resorting to the use of properties.

Have I missed an existing Ant capability, or would this be a worthy enhancement?

Phil Weighill-Smith

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