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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: local properties
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:31:14 GMT
> From: Stefan Bodewig []
> To me <let> is the correct solution that may need to get extended to
> cover additional cases.  Your task that generates unique names has
> merits of its own and independent of that.  Your (much simpler)
> approach would need an additional cleanup mode to get rid of my
> concerns and you are already willing to provide that.

I have two remarks to this long and somewhat controversial thread:

1) I don't like the <let> name. Perhaps it shows how ignorant I am
   about other languages not in the C family, but it doesn't speak
   to me, and the name to not convey the purpose. Thus I'm -1 to
   the <let> name. <scope> or <local> or else are not perfect, but
   at least convey more meaning to my ignorant self.

2) Regarding property cleanup, we already have a datatype and syntax
   to specify/select properties. It's called <propertyset>, and it
   does handle property selection by name/prefix/regexp. So I'd just
   change Peter's proposal have having a <localproperty> inside
   <macrodef> with a <localproperties> which would be a PropertySet.

   The property set can be evaluated before and after the macro
   execution to record before and restore/remove properties after.

Finally, as Jack J. proposed, what is it exactly that prevents us from
retrofitting a real property/reference stack in Project? Jose Alberto
said he proposed it in the past, and it got nowhere, but now that we
have Peter, maybe we should revisit ;-)

My currently limited understanding of property/reference handling in
Ant does not allow me to see any insurmountable issue. Can we in
fact revisit this subject, since local properties pretty much would
be solved with a real stack. Or am I just naïve, and a real stack
is not possible to implement in a backward compatible manner? --DD

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