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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: local properties (what about PropertyHelper?)
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 16:37:41 GMT
I think that the current way of doing propery helpers and hooks
is a bit wrong:

  1) one can both replace the property helper (by setting a reference),
     and one can put hooks in. Both are difficult to use and have bugs.

  2) I would like to have recursive property resolution (even if it causes
      some Backward Compatible issues.
  3) The non-propageting of helpers to sub-projects is a bug I think.

The proposed localproperty changes should have no effect on custom property
helpers. However, the custom property helpers would not have the ability to
do localproperties, unless they inherited the base PropertyHelper 
and the overridding code did not effect the local property handling code.
There should be no effect on hooks.

Jose's changes whould have none of these issues.


Wascally Wabbit wrote:

> QUESTIONS ON PropertyHelper (Ant 1.6+) ANT-dev mailing list:
> o Should PropertyHelper replacements honor currently attached
>   hooks? What if a hook is attached and then the helper is
>   unset (reset to the original Ant-installed one?) Should the
>   (new) hooks be "moved" to the original helper?
> o Can we create a formal method that gets/sets propertyHelper w/o
>   generating reference-replacement warnings?
> o What's the ant-dev position on recursive property resolution?
>   Is it coming or is that value-added that one must put in one's
>   own tasks?
> o How do we propagate replaced helpers to sub-projects? What
>   about sub-builds?
> [NEW} Sooo how would custom PropertyHelpers and Hooks work with
>   the selected <local> proposals?
> Thanks,
> The Wabbit

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