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Subject Re: hotswap
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:16:57 GMT
When you say "scared", I hope the code didn't look that bad! (I mean, I thought
you might be talking about the power it could unleash).
No, we don't use it for production at all. Yes, we use it for development only.
I like that I can edit in Vim and invoke an ant target to compile and hotswap
my changes into the app. When I don't actually need a debugger and don't want
to fire up Eclipse, I use this instead.
I'd be happy to attach whatever license is required.


Quoting Steve Loughran <>:

> On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 19:02:39 -0400, David Kavanagh <> wrote:
>  > I just noticed a 1.5+ feature that is going into Ant 1.7. Many months
>  > ago, I had a 1.4+ feature that I wanted to get put into Ant, but it was
>  > rejected because it wouldn't be backward compatible to version 1.2.2.
>  > Has something changed? If so, I'd like to offer the <hotswap> target. It
>  > has a home at and I'd be happy to
>  > contribute that to the main ant project. I've been using it at work in
>  > our builds for all that time and it is robust and ready to be used.
> Assuming the code is self contained and isolated from bootstrap.bat/sh, 
> we can have optional version code in the system, sorry if that was an 
> issue before.
> Having had a look at hotswap, I dont know whether to be impressed or 
> scared. Are you using this for hot deployment to a live system, wow. Not 
> in production, one would hope.
> At the very least we can link to it on the web site, it is a very wild 
> idea. As to whether we'd want it in the core (putting aside the fact 
> that you'd need to add an apache-compatible license ), I am scared of 
> its powers. Only to be used in the hands of the competent, i think. But 
> its potentially no worse than any normal debugger. And it is certainly a 
> task closely related to the build/deploy process.
> So I will ask other people to give their opinion.
> -steve
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