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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: IntrospectionHelperTest failed on OS X
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:18:51 GMT
> From: Stefan Bodewig []
> I'm not sure whether I've run the tests on my Mac after
> testGetExtensionPoints has been added and it just fails now after I
> upgraded Java or whether it has always been failing.
> The test depends on the implementation of reflection - in particular
> on the order returned by getMethods.
> We had three valid adder methods:
> add(Number)
> addConfigured(Map)
> addConfigured(Hashtable)
> and the main point the test wants to assert is that the Hashtable arg
> version comes before the Map arg version in the list returned by
> getExtensionPoints.  This works fine.  But the test also assumes that
> add(Number) comes first, while the relative order in reality is
> undefined.  There are three valid orders getExtensionPoints may
> produce:
> Instead of trying to find which of the three results we are looking
> at, I simply removed add(Number) completely from the test - feel free
> to improve it 8-)

Sorry I broke MacOS X Stefan ;-) I'll see about find a testing logic
independent of the order.

BTW, is there some explicit resolution rules whether add() has higher
priority than addConfigured(), or vice versa?

What if I have add(HashMap) and addConfigured(Map)? Who's suppose to
be first (win), the first one or the second? Intuitively I'd put
an addConfigured() ahead of a add(), but a HashMap ahead of a Map, so
who yields to whom in this case?

This also brings up the fact that there are no nightly builds of
Ant on MasOS X I guess... Is Ant supposed to rely exclusively on the
few Gump instances to sample the various OS's it's supposed to run on? 


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