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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: Submittal
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 13:35:20 GMT wrote:
> For submitting patches the best way is to open a bugzilla bug
> (... that should be written somewhere ...)
> <delete sub=""/> ?  Never heard from "sub" attribute - nothing in the code.
> Jan

I assumed it was a typo, he meant <delete dir="dir" />

assuming this is the case, <delete> should (and usually does) delete 
everything in a subdir. If it doesnt then
(a) we have a bug in some cases
(b) Martin is running windows and some process has a file open in one of 
the directories.

If its (b), its interesting that he claims to have a workaround...

Martin. what error are you getting when you try and delete some sub 

>>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>>Von: Martin Gainty []
>>Gesendet am: Freitag, 3. September 2004 14:43
>>Betreff: Submittal
>>Good Morning All:
>>The Ant Task <delete sub="dir"/>
>>which in its current usage is
>>not able to delete all or any of the files within the 
>>subdirectories within
>>sub parameter
>>not able to delete all or any of the subdirectories within 
>>the specified sub
>>I have replaced with my own
>>called DeleteSub
>><java jvm="${java.home}\bin\java.exe" dir="F:\United\MyExec" 
>>classname="MyExec.MyExec" failonerror="true">
>>   <classpath>
>>    <pathelement path="${classpath}" />
>>    <pathelement location="${jdev.home}/jdbc/lib/classes12.jar" />
>>    <pathelement location="${java.home}\jre\lib\rt.jar"/>
>>    <pathelement location="F:\United\MyExec\MyExec.jar"/>
>>   </classpath>
>>         <jvmarg value="MyExec.DeleteSub"/>
>>                <jvmarg value="${srcpath}\com"/>
>>Please indicate procedure to submit this task for inclusion to replace
>><delete sub="dir"/>
>>task. I am attaching the class for your review-
>>Thank You,
>>Martin Gainty
>>287 Alewife Brook Parkway
>>Somerville MA 02144 (US)

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