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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: SubAnt output
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 08:02:06 GMT
From: Stefan Bodewig

> I would have thought that executing the nested Ant would have been
> enough to properly nest the messages.


The output is dispatched to the task associated with the thread(group)
- and the association happens when the taskStarted event is fired.
When you delegate to another task's execute, this task will not fire
taskStarted.  So even if you delegate execute to Ant, the delegating
task's I/O handling methods will get called.

[DD] What if instead of adding all these methods, we called
[DD] ant.perform() instead of ant.execute()!?
[DD] perform() fires the the taskStarted event, so would that be
[DD] enough? Would be a lot less code, no?

Take a look at Conor's great article

[DD] Thanks for the pointer Stefan. I'll study this.
[DD] I wish we could centralize more the info though, or
[DD] at least reference such articles from the main Ant side.

[DD] Thanks, --DD

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