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From Barry Andrews <>
Subject BeanGen
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 14:55:36 GMT
Hi Dev,

   I have a task that I wrote that will take a file containing types and identifiers and creates
a compilable Java source file with all the getter/setter methods. Saves me a lot of typing.
 So the task looks like this: (minus a couple other options)
<target name="test">
      <taskdef name="BeanGen" classname="swerdna.ant.BeanGen" classpath="${jar}"/>
        <BeanGen input_file="test.txt" package="swerdna.test" srcdir="src" class="Test">

The test.txt file looks like this:
int id
String name

and from that I generate the following code.

package swerdna.test;


public class Test implements Serializable
    private String m_strname;
    private int m_nid;

    public Test()


    public void setName(String name)
        m_strname = name;

    public String getName()
        return m_strname;

    public void setId(int id)
        m_nid = id;

    public int getId()
        return m_nid;

    public boolean equals(Object obj)
        //TODO Implement
        return false;

    public int hashCode()
        //TODO Implement
        return 0;

    public String toString()
        //TODO Implement
        return null;


If anyone thinks this task has any value and wants to take the time and effort to do all the
required steps to get it in the package I will gladly submit the source code.  Or maybe someone
else had already thought of this task? If so that's fine. Just thought I would make it known.



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