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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6.2 release?
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 08:23:53 GMT
On Thu, 27 May 2004, Peter Reilly <> wrote:

> 1) implicit element for macrodef
>      move from head to 1.6 branch
> 2) DynamicElementNS
>      move from head to 1.6 branch

Those are done, correct?

> 3) Allow nested elements discovered by refection on to be
>     in the ant default namespace uri as well as the task's/types
>     namespace uri (the current rules are difficult to follow and
>     make build scripts look like line noise :-( aka xml ns hell)

Could you please (re-)start a dedicated thread for this so we have all
the details can resolve this once and for all time (well, a months or
two would be fine 8-)

> Other things - maybe after 1.6.2
>  1)  the antlibresolve task

after 1.6.2

>  2)  concat support for binary files

Done, correct?

>  3)  fix some classloading issues:
>       a) set the parent classloader in createClassloader() - most
>       likely a good thing and

I agree, but we may want to reopen this as a discussion in a separate
thread for more visibility.

>  4) search paths for the import task

Could you please expand on that?

>  5) add delete on exit feature to the <delete> task - needed to
>  antlib devl on windows

What does this do?

>  6) add a do not follow symbolic links option to <delete> task

When is this needed?  Why is the symlink support in <fileset> not


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