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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: 1.6.2: Namespace uri of nested elements
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:06:09 GMT
> From: Peter Reilly []
> >wouldn't this here work?
> >
> ><macrodef name="example">
> >   <element name="files" implicit="yes"/>
> >   <sequential>
> >      <task xmlns="URI-for-prefix-x">
> >         <files/>
> >      <task>
> >      <copy todir="z">
> >         <files/>
> >      </copy>
> >   </sequential>
> ></macrodef>
> no (in ant 1.6.1) see:
> >A nested element discovered by reflection is looked up in
> >
> >(1) the task's namespace
> >
> >(2) the namespace associated with Ant's core, no matter what the
> >prefix of Ant's core may currently be and no matter what the default
> >namespace currently is.
> >
> >And (2) would only kick in if (1) fails.
> >
> >I could support this proposal.
> Excellent!

Cool! I've been waiting for that ;-)

Not really, since I was lucky enough I could substitute <bm:lsync> with
<sync>, thus my <sources> macrodef element was used in tasks from the
default Ant NS. I'd like to be able to reuse such a macrodef element in
tasks from different namespaces tough (in the same macro of course).

Peter, why wouldn't Stefan alternate solution work? I don't think I

I have another XML NS weirdness in Ant I'd like to report, before I
completely forget it (I meant to report it earlier...) It's coming from the
same "compile" macro of the other problem. Here's the definition:

      * Define the <compile> macro...
      * @attr jaxb whether to run the jaxb schema compiler
      * @elem schemas patternset/selector of XML schemas for <jaxb>
      *       Must be part of the "antlib:com.lgc.buildmagic" namespace.
    <macrodef name="compile">
      <attribute name="jaxb" default="false" />
      <element name="schemas" optional="true" />
        <!-- Compile the XML schemas into Java code, if any -->
        <mkdir dir="build/generated/@{name}" />
        <bm:jaxb destDir="build/generated/@{name}" ifTrue="@{jaxb}"
                 readOnly="true" strictValidation="true"
          <bm:schemas dir="src">

The weirdness (at least to me), comes when you try to use this macro,
because as the comment above warns, you must NS qualify the <schemas> macro
element at the point of use:

    <compile name="dsp-core" jaxb="true" ...>
      <schemas xmlns="antlib:com.lgc.buildmagic">
        <include name="com/lgc/infra/persistence/**/doc-files/*.xsd" />

So according to XML rules, <schemas> in the macrodef has no NS, while you
*must* use the proper NS when you use the macro, otherwise it doesn't work.
I find this confusing.

Would your patch solve this too?

BTW, note the 'jaxb' macro attribute, and the ifTrue="@{jaxb}", and
jaxb="true" nodes. I already reported that I wished to be able to infer
whether to perform a given task when a particular macro element exists.

Thanks, --DD

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