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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Possible Ant 1.7 alpha bug: property expansion.
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 21:09:36 GMT
> From: Antoine Lévy-Lambert []
> In my opinion, the problem reported is a bug, even if for instance JDK
> 1.4 regexp has a similar bug.

The JDK regex stuff is a tangent. It's just my own code to do Ant-like
property substitution (or Shell like, or DOS like, as it's flexible) outside
of Ant (or inside actually). Using greedy matching and/or recursive behavior
as outlined by Jack, I guess I could also achieve nested property
substitutions, but that's beside the point.

> I would go for fixing the bug without BC, in order not to make the code
> too complicated. This is just me though.

Cool. Then people wouldn't need <ac:propertycopy> and/or the <macrodef>
trick, or the propertyfile trick. Lets see what other committers think.

Thanks Antoine, and glad to see you back in the saddle ;-) --DD

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