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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Alias names for imported targets
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 14:38:35 GMT
On Jun 4, 2004, at 10:19 AM, Dominique Devienne wrote:
>> From: Stefan Bodewig []
>> Erik already brought that up.  Target foo imported from project named
>> bar is known as "foo" in my build file unless I override it (in which
>> case it becomes "".  I'd like to have the alias name ""
>> available even if I don't override it.
>> I haven't looked into the code yet, but are there any principal
>> objections?  Target time-frame would be 1.6.2.
> Kinda... This allows to bypass the target override, and thus bypass
> whatever the overridden target does. It's kind of like allowing any
> class in Java to use C++'s Class::method(), i.e. static binding when
> dynamic binding to any overridden method() was the intent.
> Or perhaps I misunderstand the issue. I guess I don't understand the
> purpose of this. Targets are akin to Java interfaces to me, i.e. they
> define a contract, and if a 'derived' build script overrides target
> A for example, what's the meaning of this same build script also
> calling base.A (outside of the derived A itself), or worse, what's the
> meaning of a further derived2 script to call base.A, bypassing
> derived.A (derived2 imports derived, which import base)?
> I'm not -1, and even then it'd be non-binding, but I don't understand
> the need for this. --DD

pasted from my original message on this:

    <project name="imported">
      <target name="some-target"/>

    <project name="build">
      <import file="imported.xml">
      <target name="another-target" depends="imported.some-target"/>

Doesn't work, since some-target is not overridden.

It would be nice if imported.some-target existed as an alias always.


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