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From "Christophe Labouisse" <>
Subject Using Ant API to retrieve task/target information
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 08:58:49 GMT

I'm the writer of the Grand tool ( and since
I came upon some issues with the Ant API I'd like to have some more or
less "official" advice about the way I use it.

I started Grand shortly after Ant 1.6.0 was released since the
visualization tools I used where all broken. I find out that the Ant API
was providing all I need to do a basic dependency graph and will allow me
not to duplicate "things" already done by ant such as XML parsing,
importing targets, etc. Beside using the API allow to display dynamically
created targets. Soon I needed to handle calls such as the one created by
ant or antcall. This was a little bit more complicated and I have to use
the RuntimeConfigurable to get enough information.

Currently I'd like to display in the graph some information on
conditionnal targets (with a if or unless attribute). The information is
here since the target class has ifCondition and unlessCondition attributes
but I cannot get it since the are no getter for them.

So I'm wondering if using the Ant API as I do to peek into a project is
something which is ok albeit the API is currently lacking a few things or
the API should not be used the way I do?




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