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From Aurele Venet <>
Subject Property overriding ignored in 1.6
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:04:25 GMT

not sure if I should post my question here or not, but I just upgraded 
to ant 1.6 so as to use <typedef/> declarations.  However, my build 
scripts stopped working.  In debug mode I discovered a number of 
"Override property ignored..." msgs.  This is what I am doing:

<property name="prop1" value="value1"/>
<condition property="prop1" value="value2">
    <isset property="optProp"/>

I looked in the code and realised that the class has a new piece of code that 
disallows property overriding.   I guess asking if it is necessary is a 
silly question and there must be a logical explanation for this, 
however, my question is, is it not possible to put this as an option 
that can be overriden from the command line?

in the mean time I achieve the above using:

<condition property="prop1" value="value2">
    <isset property="optProp"/>
<condition property="prop1" value="value1">
    <not><isset property="optProp"/></not

a bit of an overkill....

kind regards



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