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From Matt Benson <>
Subject RE: Possible Ant 1.7 alpha bug: property expansion.
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 17:23:44 GMT
--- Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
> I guess, the way to do it properly is to use
> something like the way
> java.text.Format
> works. You find the beginning of a property
> reference and the
> PropertyHelper chain is the one that tells you where
> is the end pf the
> property
> and the beginning of the rest of the code.

I think you're basically right.  And I remember having
wondered why java.text.Format was implemented that
way; now I know...

> Such strategy would allow writing property
> evaluators that contain real
> complex expressions inside. Which we have discussed
> in the past.
> Anything else, I think it will be just like a hack
> that will break
> something else.

I wouldn't take quite so extreme a position as that,
but I agree that emulating j.t.Format is probably the
"most correct" approach.  But our old buddy B.C. might
not allow it...


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