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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: FW: [maven2] Anything Groovy in Maven2?
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 07:20:24 GMT
On Tue, 4 May 2004, Vincent Massol <> wrote:

> There's some discussion raging in Maven land for Maven2 as whether
> we could/should reuse Ant tasks in embedded mode from within Maven
> plugins written in java.

Well, whether you should is beyond our opinion 8-)

"could", I'd say yes.  If you realize that you can't that probably
means that Ant tasks aren't as embeddable/reusable as we'd like them
to be.  And then we should probably fix that.

Tomcat's Jasper embeds Ant's javac task without using Ant's runtime
environment IIRC, so at least for this task, embedding seems to work.
I must admit that I don't know how many hoops the Jasper folks had to
jump through, though.

> The contentious point is that it that some believe it won't be
> possible to due to the strong tie of Ant tasks to the AntClassloader

Maybe.  If so it probably is because of oversight/lack of thought when
it comes to embeddabilty (is this a word after all?).  If the only
embedder of Ant tasks you know is Ant, it is hard to see that you are
creating a problem for other embedders.

> More specifically, I'd like to know why the JUnit task in Ant 1.6
> has now lots of dependencies on the Ant classloader.

I cannot see that much difference between JUnitTask in CVS HEAD and
the version in 1.5.4.  Both create an AntClassLoader if and only if
the user has specified a classpath (as attribute or nested element).
Just the creation of the classloader has moved into a separate method.

Ant 1.6 has added the reloading attribute.  While 1.5.x creates a
fresh classloader instance of AntClassLoader for each test, Ant 1.6
can be instructed to use a single instance for all tests.

> How can we now reuse it in embedded mode?

Unless there is a bug that I didn't see on first glance,
AntClassLoader shouldn't get used at all unless you specify a
classpath to the task.

What exactly is the problem you see.  Are classes loaded from the
wrong classloader?  Is the task or test-runner missing classes that
should be there?


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